Air Guns, BB & Pellet Guns

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  • Greater velocity
  • Lead, alloy, or steel projectiles
  • Spring, air, or co2
  • Target shooting
  • Pest control
  • Small game hunting

BB and pellet guns use lead, alloy, or steel projectiles to shoot at targets. Both guns can be powered by a spring, air, or co2. Pellet guns are used for target shooting, pest control, small game hunting. There are various models, with some appropriate for target shooting only, others capable for hunting or targeting.

Consumers need to check local laws to determine if they’re able to shoot airguns or BB/pellet guns on their properties. As towns/cities grow in population, more houses are in closer proximity to one another. For instance, within the Canton city limits, you aren’t legally allowed to shoot bb/pellet guns.

In terms of power, pellet rifles have a far greater velocity potential. Accuracy in either airsoft or bb/pellet guns is based on the quality of the gun, the ammo, and of course, the shooters abilities.

Practice Safe Shooting at ALL TIMES!

Please Shoot Responsibly

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